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LAW ENFORCEMENT SOLUTIONS *** Law Enforcement Consulting, Accreditation and Grant Writing
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We provide the full range of State Accreditation/ Certification consultation and technical assistance for compliance with your state's standards.

If your agency has already earned State Accreditation/ Certification we can assist you in achieving your next objective - National Accreditation.

SC Law Enforcement Accreditation


Agencies must successfully satisfy the 257 standards required to gain state accreditation. In order to gain state accreditation, state commission officials visit the agency in order to determine whether the agency has complied with all applicable standards. This on-site assessment is coordinated through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Council. State commission officials, who are members of the Police Accreditation Coalition, submit an on-site assessment report to the state council, whereupon full accreditation or deferred accreditation status is granted. State accreditation is for a three-year period. To maintain accreditation during this period, agencies must remain in compliance with applicable standards.

Click here to read about one SC State Accredited Agency.

Seal of the State of Georgia


The Agency Certification Program of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police has identified standards that are felt to be essential to the efficient and effective operation of law enforcement agencies. Participating agencies are expected to implement all applicable standards. Some standards do not apply to all agencies, and waivers may be obtained in exceptional circumstances. The standards incorporate contemporary professional thought and practices in the State, and will insure the goal of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of Georgia law enforcement agencies.


Our biggest advantage is our highly qualified staff. We have the former Chief of Police of the smallest law enforcement agency accredited by CALEA in the State of South Carolina. Everett Howard guided a 16 member police department to full accreditation in 1995. He also has served as on-site assessor for CALEA, served two terms as vice-president of the SC Police Accreditation Coalition, served on the State Accreditation Committee of the SC Police Chiefs Association (which established the initial state accreditation standards and program for South Carolina), and was a member of the Accreditation Staff of a medium sized South Carolina police department which earned CALEA Accreditation. He has the experience and technical knowledge to guide any size agency to successful accreditation. He is particularly well suited to assist the medium and small sized agencies to meet the accreditation/ certification requirements of their state's program. If your agency has already earned State Accredited/Certified status he can assist you to make a smooth transition from state accreditation/certification to national accreditation.

We can provide the technical assistance your agency needs to obtain this recognition of professionalism in your state.

Law Enforcement Solutions
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