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LAW ENFORCEMENT SOLUTIONS *** Law Enforcement Consulting, Accreditation and Grant Writing
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Committed to Advancing Professional Law Enforcement

Charleston, SC Police

"As a former Chief of a small police department I have always recognized that it is quality not quantity that counts most in a professional law enforcement agency. Now you can have the same specialized assistance that the larger agencies have without their payroll."
- Everett Howard

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on understanding the problems and opportunities in the field of law enforcement. Our company is committed to excellence, and that is found in all of our services. Our law enforcement clients are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving your needs to the very best of our ability.

Our Philosophy

To provide quality, professional consultation and technical services at competitive prices with special emphasis on the needs of the small and medium size law enforcement agencies.

Law Enforcement Solutions
4501 Bentley Drive # 1018 Columbia, SC 29210-8505
phone: 803.731.8130

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